The Internet Couldn’t Handle The Moment When Dolly Parton Met Keanu Reeves


Probably the most kindest and down to earth celebrities would have to be both Dolly Parton and Keanu Reeves.

Just imagine them together in one room, the levels of niceness would raise the roof! No need to imagine any further, they both made an appearance on The Talk and their fans alike couldn’t handle who was complimenting each other the most.

Dolly took the awesome photos to her Instagram page to tell her fans know they both happened to be on The Talk at the same time — Reeves was promoting his movie Replicas and Dolly for her connection to Dumplin’.

While on the show Dolly mentioned a story about bunny ears that has still yet to be confirmed or verified but Keanu in 1983 dressed up for Halloween in Dolly’s famous Playboy cover outfit with the bunny eats and full outfit too!

Little known fact is that Keanu’s mother, Patricia was the designer of the iconic Playboy Bunny costume that Parton wore in cover and he had mentioned that he was on a streetcar wearing it with accompanying stockings and all.

Now today, fans were so amazed by the duo appearing together in the photos they even saved them as backgrounds in their phones.

Others reacted the way you’d expect to react: with life-threatening emotional outbursts. Breathe, please! Breathe!!

Could Dolly Parton show up in John Wick: Chapter 3? Probably not, but that didn’t stop fans from speculating.

All the Keanu and Dolly love has inspired fans to share Keanu encounters as well, which are plentiful. Many describe him as a nicer version of Bill Murray who isn’t camera shy with his beloved fans.

Many wonder what was discussed when both celebs met, many think Dolly must have mentioned all the films she had seen Keanu be featured in.

“I loved it when you killed that guy with a pencil…and I love Johnny Mnemonic!”

“I love wine.”

The possibilities!

Keanu is loved by fans world-wide for his kindness and his appreciation towards this fans. Seen here with Halle Berry, even celebrities get star struck and she admits she’s a huge fan and was excited to work with him on John Wick: Chapter 3.

This one with him carving up a turkey and smiling with Vera Farmiga.

And then we have Keanu Reeves on motorbikes in Valencia, Spain.


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