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Stefanie Cohen is well recognized as one of the strongest female power lifter in whole world. She belonged from Venezuela but later she moved to America. She has taken the APA deadlift world record for 402lbs deadlift at 123 lbs of bodyweight.

She made that record but she is not limited at that record even she has made another record in the form of her personal best is 501 lbs deadlift at 121 lbs of weight at 5 feet tall, which was more than four times of her own weight and not achieved by another woman before her.

She is happy from her records but she always tries for another level and through her this dedication, she has made so many records in Power lifting sports.


She was born in Venezuela and moved to America. Her aim was becoming a power lifter and made her name in whole world and her that aim has been successful and she has made so many history in power lifting sport.

Birthplace: Venezuela

Profession: Fitness Model, Power lifter, training coach

Height: 5′

Weight: 52.2-56.7Kg

Body Measurement:

Chest: 32”

Waist: 30″

Biceps: Updated soon

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Era: 2010

Date of Birth | Born Date : Updated Soon

Home Town: Updated Soon

Religion: Updated Soon

Hobbies: Power lifting

Marital Status: Updated soon

Affairs: Not Revealed

Net worth: Updated Soon

Nationality: American

Does  Stefanie Smoke: Not known

Does Stefanie Drink Alcohol: Not Known

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# She has made record in Florida Senior State Gold Medalist in 2015.

# Another one was Illinois Senior State Gold Medalist and Record Holder in 2015

# Proved herself as an Illinois Senior State Gold Medalist and Record Holder in 2015

# Her personal record was 501 lbs deadlift with straps

# Made history through APA Deadlift World Record, 402lbs (-123lb)

# U17 Venezuelan National Soccer Team 2006-09

# Mind Blowing performace in NCAA (D1) as a Soccer Player for San Diego State 2009-10

# Class of 2018, Doctor of Physical Therapy Candidate

# BS Exercise Physiology and Sports Medicine in 2014

# in 2016, she was certified as a Strength and Conditional Specialist

# She was certified by NCSF as a Personal Trainer (CPT) in 2012

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She learned so many things from her coach and her another coach is her own mistakes, which help her for being more strong all the time. She gives full attention to her body and takes care of her physiques.

Her work out may change according to her gaol and she tries something new for her physiques and her exercises are totally dependent on her future goal and always plays power lifting.

Recovery Importance

During her power lifting, she had got low back pain but recovered it fast and moved to another level without any barrier. However, she suffered from so much back pain and she got down from the track but she never stop to try eventually she got success for converting her pain into her strength.

She says that mistake is the best teacher forever and we should learn from our mistake because her back pain was occurred through her one mistake during power lifting.

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 Circuit Training

When she was taking training of power lifting that time, she could not get her goal whatever she wanted to achieve from her life then suddenly she realized that she should change something in her life for making her dream come true then she changed her lifestyle.

Stefanie started to take slow distance training, alongside circuit training. She said whole things in an interview, whatever she felt during that experiment. She realized awesome experiences.

When she started that circuit training that time, she was not comfortable in it but she tried again and again and one day she was successful in this experiment and that was good for her power lifting, because it helped her for her physiques, fitness and strength.

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Importance of Cardio

She believes on body fitness and says that who is not fit and healthy in their life then they will never survive during any situation and will not able for facing any situation of life, we should be a fit and healthy through exercises.

She also says that if we want to achieve anything in our life then first of all we have to be healthy and fit then only we can get our goal of life. For that reason, she adopted cardio, circuit training, and accessory movements in her everyday workouts, which helped her for her health and increased her ability of recovery from her back pain.

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Hybrid Training

She took so many training for her healthy body and through it, she was able to compete not only power lifting even weight lifting and body building.

She achieved these all things through her own style of exercise and work out, which is called Hybrid training by her. Her main motto was successful through her that training and that motto was “to move like a weightlifter, look like a bodybuilder, and lift like a powerlifter.”


She knows all benefits of good nutrition that’s why she focus on it and she takes protein-packed foods for muscle recovery, a lot of complex carbohydrates to give her energy to lift heavy weights and some healthy fat foods for her healthy body and hormonal balance.

She also gets her vitamins and minerals from fruits, vegetables, and sparkling water, which are for micronutrients.

When she is so busy and not able to take her diet properly then she takes fish oil capsule, or some other supplement, which help her for recovering her healthy nutrient needs.

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What we can learn from Her

# Through her fitness, she has become inspiration of so many peoples, who want to be a fitness model or body builder.

# She is not only the best example of fitness in Fitness industry even is also well recognized on social media as a personal trainer.

# If you want to make your career in fitness field then you should follow her nutrition, lifestyle and training because her whole things are so effective for fitness.

# She has taken place in the hearts of so many people through her good physiques and her vlogs, which are given on social media sites, which can help you for becoming a fitness model and are also helpful for your living healthy life.

# If you want to famous like her then you have to use social media and there you can spread your thoughts and fitness vlogs and videos, which can help you for earning fame and followers and through those you can be a social media celebrity in the whole world.

# If you have decided to make your career in fitness field then you should adopt her instructions.

# If you would love to enter in fitness industry then we welcome to you but you have to follow all instructions and rules, which are mandatory in this field.

# She is a fitness icon and you can follow her for becoming fitness icon in future.

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