Catharina Wahl

Catharina Wahl a.k.a. cathawahl is a Norwegian bikini competitor. She was a talented player in her high school’s days, where she took parts in so many sports like: Handball, and athletics on a regular basis.

At the age of 16, she has made a national record in the 60m sprint, where she focused on her strength and  pace in the field of athletics. And her life was going on well but suddenly, she got a serious foot injury, which became a barrier on the way of her successful life.

After some years, she was able to overcome her foot injury and focused on her athletic career, for doing it, she tried her best and through her hard work, she was able to achieve her dream.

Through sheer hard work, consistency, and determination, she’s managed earn herself a lean, sculpted physique. Since 2012, Catharina Wahl moved to another level of success, which was body-building stage, where she started her new journey. At that year, she also became a social media celebrity for her fitness as well as a successful bikini competitor – entering the IFBB Pro circuit in 2017.

Catharina Wahl


Catharina Wahl was born on 4 July 1991 in Norway, she grew in a competitive environment. She spent her whole childhood in Norway, when she went to school, then she began to take part in competitive sports such as tennis, soccer, and handball.

Birthday: 4 July 1991

Birthplace: Norway

Profession: IFBB Bikini Pro, Sponsored Athlete

Height: 5’6”

Waist: 24″

Weight: 56.7- 61.2 Kg

Bust: 35″

Hips: 37″

Age: 26 Year Old

Era: 2010

Nationality: Norwegian

Eye Colour: Black

Hair Colour: Brown

Hometown: Norway

Religion: Not Known

Hobbies: Sports and Weight Training

Marital Status: No

Husband: Updated Soon

Affairs : Not Revealed

Net worth: Updated Soon

Does Catharina Wahl Smoke: No

Does Catharina Wahl drink alcohol: No

After some year, she started to focus on athletics, taking part in sprinting on a regular basis. Due to her dream and hard work to become a success, she quickly built a good image as a formidable athlete – obtaining a national record in the 60m sprint at the age of 16.

But due to her foot injury, she had to stop at a point, which was bad for her. She was forced to cut short her time on the running track after spending a lengthy period on the sidelines. When she felt some strength in her foot, she again stood up and came back in her real form, where she discovered her passion in weight training.

Catharina Wahl

Finding Competing

When she began weight training, she got continual progress in the gym, where she set herself at a new fitness level and during those days, she was able to overcome her foot injury, at a same time, she built a great physique.

In gym, her personal trainer noticed that she has a potential to become a bikini competitor through her great physique, then he told her for same then Catharina Wahl was not agreed and said Bikini competition was not made for her.

And her personal trainer came back to her after few months, He convinced her to change her mind and career. She said Ok, I would try for Bikini Competition and began preparation for her debut competition.

Two month later, she participated the 2012 Norway Open Championships, where she was placed on second place and that moment was her unforgettable moment and she could not believe on herself for her achievements.

Catharina Wahl


Career Achievements:

. IFBB Bikini Professional Competitor

. Sponsored Athlete

Competition History:

. Norway Open: 2nd Place in 2012

. EBFF European Amateur Fitness Championships: 13th place in 2013

. NPC Europa Super Show: Bikini Class D – 3rd place in 2014

. Mr. Olympia Amateur England: 1st place up to 172cm, 4th overall in 2015

. EBFF European Amateur Fitness Championships: 4th place in 2015

. Oslo Grand Prix: 1st place in 2015

. Amateur Olympia Europe: 4th place in 2016

. Ben Weider Legacy Cup: 3rd place in 2016

. EVLS Prague Amateur: 2nd place in 2016

. Arnold Amateur International: 1st place in up to 172cm category, 1st overall in 2016

. Olympia Amateur: 2nd place in 2016

. European Amateur Bodybuilding Championships: 2nd place in 2016

Catharina Wahl

Becoming an IFBB Pro Bikini Competitor

We can say that she was able to get an incredible physique, through her hard work out. Thanks to her success on the bodybuilding stage, she’s soared to fame across social media, earning the support of numerous fans from all over the world.

Since 2017, she did so much hard work and was able to get IFBB Pro status, which helped her for making her career in fitness. Since joining the pro circuit, she has been eager to build upon her bodybuilding triumphs to make a name for herself as a professional bikini competitor.

Catharina Wahl


She gives full credit of her success to her high school days, where she participated in so many sports and got foot injury, which was recovered by her after joining gym, when she joined gym then she realised that, she was able to do anything, whatever, she wants to do for her career.

She gives much focus on her mid section and upper body during her training and also enjoys her training glutes on a regular basis. She trains her legs only 2-3 times in a month.

Her exercises are:

. Standing Leg Abductions

. Lat Pulldowns

. Sandbag Squats

. Donkey Kicks

. Alternating Kettlebell One Arm Deadlifts stood on Platform

. Kneeling Smith Machine Squats


She gives full attention to her nutrition and she believes that if we takes healthy foods on the regular basis then we can make a great physique automatically and she never takes any risk for her diet.

Her diet are:

. She takes Rolled Oats.

. She has Protein Pancakes.

. Chicken

. Mixed Vegetables

. BCCA’s

. And Whey Protein Powder

Catharina Wahl

Social Media




Catharina Wahl

What We Can Learn From Catharina Wahl

# Through her fitness, she has become inspiration of so many peoples, who want to be a fitness model or body builder.

Catharina Wahl is not only the best example of fitness in Fitness industry even is also well recognized on social media as a personal trainer.

# If you want to make your career in fitness field then you should follow her nutrition, lifestyle and training because her whole things are so effective for fitness.

# She has taken place in the hearts of so many people through her good physiques and her vlogs, which are given on social media sites, which can help you for becoming a fitness model and are also helpful for your living healthy life.

# If you want to famous like her then you have to use social media and there you can spread your thoughts and fitness vlogs and videos, which can help you for earning fame and followers and through those you can be a social media celebrity in the whole world.

# If you have decided to make your career in fitness field then you should adopt her instructions.

# If you would love to enter in fitness industry then we welcome to you but you have to follow all instructions and rules, which are mandatory in this field.

# She is a fitness icon and you can follow her for becoming fitness icon in future.

Catharina Wahl

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